It can be tough deciding whether or not to hire an Admissions Coach.

With a year round package, families can look to pay $4,000-10,000 to hire a College Admissions Consultant.

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The USC Bovard Scholars program helps high-achieving students with financial need gain admission to and succeed at the nation’s top universities.

Support is available to high-achieving rising high school seniors. Through expert admissions and financial aid assistance, comprehensive test preparation and personalized career exploration experiences, we aim to transform lives and build a new, diverse generation of dynamic leaders.

Run by USC, this program offers free or heavily discounted college admissions coaching to students that have an average median household income of $35,000 a year. (Our founder works there!)

First Generation College Students

Median Household Income

Average weighted GPA

States Represented

Students from CA

Students from outside CA

Here at Unknown Admissions we provide plenty of options, whatever your budget.

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