Hello! UA founder, Jennifer Liepin, here.

I’m your pretty average citizen.

Except that… I have spent the last five years living rent free and nomadically, petsitting and volunteering my way around the world

121+ 5-Star Rover reviews and counting. ;)

But before I did this…and became an elite College Admissions Consultant.

A long time ago… I was in high school myself.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania.

My high school sat next to a sewage treatment plant, on a hill below the elementary school that was condemned when it began to sink into the ground. :)

My mom, a single immigrant mother, knew nothing about the college admissions process. She did not know to advise me to take the SAT, nor did she know how to apply to college. A typical latchkey kid, I was on my own much of my childhood.

Therefore, I was shocked when I overheard my classmates in Calculus class excitedly discussing when they would be taking a mysterious exam. 

“An exam? That you had to study for?”

I was very confused, but knew well enough to ask my mom to sign me up for it when I got home that day.

With no preparation, I walked into the testing center that day and took my exam. My score was not great.

I was not the valedictorian. 

I did not invent anything or perform any specialized research.

I spend my summers working full-time as a lifeguard.