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Best Northwestern University YouTube University and Student videos!

Hello. We review thousands of university and student videos to bring the best to you in our school by school Best of Youtube video series!

How to Get into Northwestern University: My Stats (GPA, SAT, ACT, AP’s, EC’s…)

Very blunt recap of her scores and other stats – very dry, but can be informative, although keep in mind this is a single student’s account. High scores across the board!

To counter this…

How I Got Into Northwestern by Jay Towns w/ Ben Yost

Jay Towns had a 4.06 Weighted and 3.76 Unweighted + 30 ACT, which are lower scores for Northwestern Admissions. Did not receive any AP credit. 

Student body president and involved with many extracurriculars!

Ben, his room mate, took hardest classes he could, Sr. Year had a full AP courseload and all A’s. 3.97 Unweighted and 4.4 Weighted GPA + a 34 ACT.

Northwestern Students Review Northwestern

Students discuss the Northwestern Quarter system.

Nolan Robinson offers up thoughts on… talks about how it’s hard to keep up, but does allow him to study more subjects.

An international student describes how their programming supports the adjustment of international students to the campus and the university.

Patrick Emry discusses switching between schools at NW to find the right culture and program for himself.

He recommends that high school students work to build relationships with their Guidance Counselors (or Admissions Coaches ;) )

All the students are happy to be attending Northwestern.

A Day In the Life at Northwestern University

Not the most informative video, but this student narrator is fun, chill, and genuine. Enjoy meeting him and his friends. He also hosts dorm videos if you are interested!

What I Learned During My First Quarter At Northwestern – Parties, Food, Culture, Tips, Etc!

Breaks down north vs south side of campus

Partying + Frats

Football Culture

Northwestern University Campus Tour

Simple video shows the campus.

No dialogue, so not informative, but still helpful as a visual.

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