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The Best Northwestern YouTube Videos for Prospective Students!

We review thousands of university and student videos to bring the best to you in our school by school Best of Youtube video series!

Should I Write an Admissions Decision Appeals Letter? Part 1

While uncommon, about 1 to 2% of college admissions appeals result in success! When should you appeal a college decision?

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Client Feedback

Jennifer—-thank you so so much!!!  I just can’t get the smile off my face. We are so grateful!! You always have gone above and beyond!! I’m terrible with words——-thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jennifer worked with me for years helping me through countless applications, homework, and test prep. In a seemingly stressful time, Jennifer was always there to help, push, and support me. I truly believe that just from a few years, Jennifer helped mold me into the academically competitive, hard-working, and successful student that I am today!

I wanted to thank your amazing team for helping me get into my dream university. Earlier today, I got accepted ED2 to NYU Abu Dhabi, and it honestly would’ve been super difficult had it not been for Jennifer who meticulously edited my Common App essay just days before the deadline! 

I’m extremely glad I chose your service and I will highly recommend you to all my friends going through the college admissions process.

From the start, Jennifer did an efficient job assessing my needs. She communicated without missing a beat when it came to deadlines, editing feedback, and response to any questions I had. It was such a relief to count on her.